Into Freedom ( IF ) fosters programs to rescue and assist survivors of sex trafficking by empowering women through survivor restoration programs, professional job training, and trafficking prevention initiatives.

Into Freedom also assists orphans and at-risk teens during critical times of transition from orphanages, group homes, and unstable living conditions to adult life. Programs to further education and assist in life skill development are critical for future success.


Our Mission

The mission of INTO FREEDOM is to empower survivors of human sex trafficking by equipping them with basic necessities, practical skills, renewed self esteem, and friendship - the first and crucial stepping stones on the path to rebuilding a life of dignity and sustainability. Into Freedom also works to prevent sex trafficking through outreaches, summer camps, and educational initiatives in the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, and the United States. Finally, Into Freedom helps at-risk teens transition from dangerous situations into stable environments where they can continue to progress in educational development, life skills, and emotional stability.

Our Team

We are a team of professionals trained in education, crisis intervention, counseling, social services, media, finance, and business development who are working together to empower women that have escaped from the sex trafficking industry and those at most risk for future trafficking. 

The Structure of Into Freedom

IF operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible in the United States.

Where We Work

IF focuses on the Mediterranean region, Eastern Europe, and the United States, where trafficking is a fast growing, multi- billion dollar industry. Currently, we run a restoration program designed to empower victims of human sex trafficking in southern Cyprus. Additionally, IF runs numerous prevention initiatives and a summer camp in the Eastern European country of Moldova, a popular source country for many trafficking victims in the region. Finally, IF regularly presents educational briefings in the United States, informing about methods and practices of traffickers, restoration of trafficking survivors, and human trafficking statistical information.


How We Help Survivors

  • Supply emergency food and clothing to victims
  • Assist in housing transition 
  • Arrange transportation to medical or social services; assist with emergency medical finances
  • Assist with basic English language tutoring
  • Provide instruction in healthy living, parenting, first aid, emotional health, and money management
  • Provide counseling when requested
  • Sponsor regular community recreational activities
  • Equip women with professional job skills including jewelry construction and sewing lessons
  • Supply information and resources on entrepreneurship
  • Organize programs for women and children which foster creativity in art, music, and dance